The Sutton Trust COSMO Youth Panel

The Sutton Trust COSMO Youth Panel is a group of students from across the country who were in year 10 at the start of the pandemic, the same year group as COSMO’s study participants.

The panel is separate to the COSMO study itself, however all its members are applicants to Sutton Trust programmes who have faced disadvantages and barriers of various kinds. They have been appointed by the Trust to help give a voice to the experiences of this generation of young people, complementing the COSMO study.

While the main study captures a wealth of data, the Sutton Trust COSMO Youth Panel will be a source of more detailed lived experiences, particularly from disadvantaged groups. They will help to further illustrate the study findings, as well as informing how the COSMO research study is shaped in the coming years. By sharing their perspectives and experiences through blogs, stories and in the media, the Youth Panel will also help the public to better understand the challenges faced by this generation through personal stories.

We intend to work with the panel through the length of the COSMO longitudinal study, with the hope of following them as they progress to university, vocational training and the workplace.