Wave 1 Initial Findings | Briefing

Briefing No. 2 - Education recovery and catch up

Published: 13.10.2022

Authors: Rebecca Montacute, Erica Holt-White, Jake Anders, Carl Cullinane, Alice De Gennaro, Erin Early, Xin Shao and James Yarde


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Parental occupation is derived using NS-SEC, divided into three categories. For more information on NS-SEC, please see the link below.


Note: Elsewhere in this briefing, the group ‘routine/manual occupation/ those who have never worked’ is shortened for readability to routine/manual occupation. This group is sometimes also referred to as ‘working class’.


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Graph based on multiple survey questions, individual question Ns as follows; Additional online classes you could watch, re-watch or join from home, on top of usual timetable N=9,779; Additional in-person classes or support on top of usual timetable N=9,786; Extra tuition or support in pairs or small groups arranged by school N=9,675; Additional classes during school holidays or at weekends – either online or in person N=9,681 Extra one-to-one or individual tuition or support arranged by school N=9,687.


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Including Autumn term September to December 2020, during the second school closures in early 2021, and when school’s reopened in March to July 2021.


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